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== completed ==
CAST needs final install, and START USING IT whoooooop! | Remove warnings from bitpost certbot root cronjob | Consider hive.bitpost.com remote access | Fix up my forks of SWS and SWSS and push to gitlab | Fix external access to MOROSOPH | Add ssh access to HIVE (freebsd, bleh) | change the phabricator logo | Configure phabricator local disk storage | Set up apache JWT passwording for sites like rutorrent and 8675309 | add hare to bitpost with u.2? | FreeNAS on melange | Implement Phab recommendations - need to allow armor symlink from mariadb | Get AbtDev1 compiling and running abt | BANDIT setup | Install drives to Hive (freeNas) Melange (proxmox) and Bitpost | Finish Bandit config | Change movie and tv folders in kodi and in mh-search-... | AbtDev1 perfect 4k VNC is MANDATORY | Move letsencrypt cron job into place on GLAM | Move all workflowy and blog tasks back into phab VERY META | Build a phab feed page to embed on bitpost.com | Remove rss column on narrow rez | Set up mod_invasive to allow bitpost CI pages to hit phab API as much as possible | BACKUP. now. | Get email at my domain working, one way or another | Improve news and blog perlalinks to {year}/{slug} | Update phabricator base uri to be agile.bitpost.com | Get arcanist (and curl) to use a CA store that includes StartCom | Verify ssl site - i know i need sidebar image fixes for one | convert logs (including private!) to bare repo style | get create_dev_repos going | Move bitpost.com to ubuntu server | set up viper | gpg issues | kernel: e1000e 0000:00:19.0 eth0: Detected Hardware Unit Hang | Get snapshots working - i need this every single day | run blogs in DEBUG, clean up errors; get jetpack working | Rework LAN to use laptop with Seiki, bitpost+case+wimpy+melange with Sony | rtorrent update to use newer configuration / commands | Replace flexget with a node solution in mh | Remove old bad da7 drive from freenas SN S1DBNSAF215837R | Fix postgres config on abtdev1 and positronic for newer host names | Torrenting script work | Move wiki images and htmlets into place (from git and outside git) | Upgrade phabricator | Set up geemusic Alexa skill to get Google music playing house-wide Or use apple music Or... | Debug quicktype refactor causing test stock quote bad init | Settings page needs to be updated to use quicktype JSON fields | Upcoming sprints | Plan B using grapes instead of the sun | Feedback from Dan | Get phone pics and video (and...) backed up on viper with SHOTWELL | Dan Mike Erik meet to discuss possibilities | Learn phabricator | Elon Musk Foundation addresses Flint Schools water with UV-C LED technology | ERROR SQLite writeStockQuote(): UNIQUE constraint failed: StockQuotes.id | refactor/revamp-one-sqlite-db-per-day | upgrade auth to JWT to support user roles | Performance testing: duplicate the bulk add picks then charts crash | review MemoryModel::processQUote handling of bad timestamps, esp re: use of "now", which can be skewed; recheck dupe handling | add autotest: make sure that single-quote buy-then-sell (and vice versa) isn't a problem | website Guided Account Setup | Consolidate web page headers and footers | performance chart | atci deploy script | Chart "first chart event is not a bracket, and first bracket is not phase1" error | stock area chart is fubar with bad times, lost tooltip data; standardize on local time for now | 30-day access token lifetime: re-request from etrade and immediately and repeatedly test to confirm | Create initial REST v1 api | site navigation | website tutorial | Add live data to trade charts | Create analysis dashboard | Create trade dashboard | Make account page static charts zoomable/pannable | Make account page charts responsive to their parent divs | Stand up haproxy in front to redirect abettertrader.com | add broker layer | standardize account lists: landing lb, side lb, accounts pages | Fix datepicker early fire - set initial date before attaching handlers | Bet both sides (long and short) and drop bad one sooner (.02%) and sell good one shortly after (.03%) | Extend the backtest timeframe | charts need date navigator | Support user-requested shorting, rank by inverse trendline | Add javascript to keep admin navigation buttons stuck at top along with bootstrap header | performance line chart with date picker in d3v4 | Etrade callback working in prod Allow form in dev | Smart url semver upgrade | autorank by run profitability, closest to pop | best-practice autoanalysis | Init of datepicker fires chart update before chart is available | mini leaderboard on login and register | QA to bring code up to professional level | fix missing activity records | set up postgres | Autocalc trendline (Yahoo 1yr, my own calc based on year chart) | in afterhours maint, clean up all inactives that are more than a week old | account automate batch buy and sell of biggest losers etc | set up autoanalysis job queue; manage at stopsell, at end of day (add) and at offhours (reset) | Mock up add/remove of static charts on accounts page | and so much more :-P