UPDATE: In the Layers tab, you can directly change the percent transparency of any layer with a slider. Doh!

No need for any of this any more…

Here’s a cheap fast way to increase transparency of an image in the Gimp. Script-fu to the rescue!

NOTE: I always use the png format when I want transparency. Firefox and IE7 handle png nicely.

  • Select the region to be made “more transparent” (or just Select->All).
  • Select Script-fu->Selection->Fade Outline.
  • Set the Border size large enough to cover the selection.
  • Set BOTH the fade from % and fade to % to the desired increase in transparency.

Sure, it’s hacky, but it works BEAUTIFULLY.

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  1. cheryl says:

    I’ll try this, though am not sure if it will work. But sometimes I don’t even get instructions and its my fault. Thanks for posting!

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