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More download options (including Windows) are [https://gajim.org/download/ here].
More download options (including Windows) are [https://gajim.org/download/ here].
=== Configure ===
==== Free server with secure group chat via OMEMO ====
You want to find a [https://list.jabber.at/ free XMPP server] that is current enough to support OMEMO.
* Register on the website of this [https://hookipa.net/register xmpp.social] server.
* Add an account for it to Gajim, and connect.
* Create a new room!  Set a password.  Check members-only.  You should be able to then turn on OMEMO!
==== Run your own server ====
==== XMPP mobile client ====
There's a [https://conversations.im/ mobile client] that is really nice, and capable of OMEMO.  It's not free.  :-(  But at least it's open source.
Also found a [https://hookipa.net/en/documentation/siskin-im/ mac client] (untested).
==== Incabable XMPP servers ====
On these (older?) servers, Gajim always says "group must be non-anonymous and member-only" even though I'd set it that way.
* https://www.kode.im/
* jabber.calyxinstitute.org

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sudo apt install python-cryptography gajim gajim-omemo gajim-plugininstaller gajim-urlimagepreview 


  • gaim-plugininstaller: Make sure you have this so you can then easily add more plugins from within gajim.
  • urlimagepreview: You want this - you might have to turn it on in the plugin settings

More download options (including Windows) are here.