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Server is running, ask Mikey to get you registered at the "secret" registration url.


The Linux and android clients are tested and working out of the box. How nice.


Server maintenance

  • To update:
ssh jaws
sudo apt snap refresh
sudo service snap.rocketchat-server.rocketchat-server restart

This supposedly happens "automagically"...? Also, snap updates lag behind release updates. Whatevs.

Server installation

  • Install.

Go with source install, the only way to get a recent build

sudo apt-get install -y git build-essential mongodb nodejs graphicsmagick
cd ~/apps
git clone
cd Rocket.Chat
curl | sh
meteor npm install
meteor npm start

They INSIST snap is best but it's a lie, it's not maintained often. Or perhaps, it's pinned to the last LTS release (ANCIENT).

sudo snap install rocketchat-server
  • Browse to admin panel at http://yourserver:3000
  • DO NOT register with
  • Set up an admin account
  • Update haproxy and certbot to support a subdomain that is publicly available


Once you log in as admin, you get a SHITTON of settings to manage. Important ones:

  • Admin > Settings > search > site > CHANGE THE SITE from http://localhost to your FQDN!
  • I updated my admin layout Content. It includes Home page text, TOS etc.
  • Admin > Accounts > Registration > Manually Approve New Users
  • Admin > Accounts > Registration > Registration Form > Secret URL (URL will be /register/(secret)/ )
  • Admin > Layout > User Interface > Allow Special Characters in Room Names > Toggle ON
  • Admin > Search > Default Provider > Global Search ON (to add a toggleable global search option)
  • Admin > Video Conference > Jitsu > Enable (NOTE desktop app doesn't find my camera, but chrome does)
  • Should I? Admin > Accounts > Registration > Use DNS Domain Check

Enable mobile push

This is not as simple as it should be...

  • Admin > Setup Wizard > Cloud Info > Cloud Service Agree Privacy > Toggle ON

YOU MUST restart server for setting to be applied! This apparently sets:

Admin > Settings > Push > Production read-only toggle ON

This is necessary for mobile chat notifications to work!

  • Register for cloud services
  • When creating an account, I did NOT get email confirmation. I had to use "Forgot password" to reset and get access.
  • Click Register Self-managed, and get the token.
  • Admin > Connectivity Services > Register > paste the token
  • Admin > Connectivity Services > Login to Rocket.Chat Cloud
  • Admin > Settings > Push > Send a test push

Holy hell, it worked!