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  • Intro

eslint is a Javascript linter and format-enforcer. Love it or die. I'm following Google's rules, with allowance for longer lines. My job uses a very strict set of rules.

  • Installation

Do NOT USE APT, it is available and seems to work but this is a node module. Don't be stupid, use npm. Note the mind-bogglingly-insane number of dependencies. Node world, you scare me...

npm install -g eslint
  • Configuration

If you have an existing .eslintrc.js that works well in another project, JUST COPY IT to the root of the new vscode folder-based project. Otherwise, this will step you through it. Use the google format as a baseline:

cd myproject
eslint --init
  • vscode integration
    • Get the eslint extension
    • Restart vscode and open a project with JS files. Should be all you need.