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sudo apt install python-cryptography gajim

This includes the OMEMO plugin (I didn't need to go here.)

More download options (including Windows) are here.


Free server with secure group chat via OMEMO

You want to find a free XMPP server that is current enough to support OMEMO.

  • Register on the website of this server.
  • Add an account for it to Gajim, and connect.
  • Create a new room! Set a password. Check members-only. You should be able to then turn on OMEMO!

Run your own server


XMPP mobile client

There's a mobile client that is supposedly capable of OMEMO. It's not free. :-( But at least it's open source.

Incabable XMPP servers

On these (older?) servers, Gajim always says "group must be non-anonymous and member-only" even though I'd set it that way.