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LSI board passed through proxmox as "PCI Device": Melange-LSI-board.png


sassy (250GB ssd)
splat (2tb hdd x2)
mack (1tb ssd)
reservoir (3tb hd)
sans (1.5tb hd)
  • Need to remove SN S1DBNSAF215837R

Original drives, it's one of the 250GB...

/dev/sdh1: LABEL="hare-s3-4t" UUID="b1859924-f309-4940-bced-06274567c0cf"
/dev/sda1: LABEL="macatak-1tb-ssd" UUID="08c0ca8c-4325-47ac-8173-1e0f78377e66"
/dev/sdc1: LABEL="bold-250gb-ssd" UUID="39c4f3ef-6df8-4a9f-967b-8fff7f6b09af"
/dev/sde1: LABEL="mello-250gb-ssd" UUID="323c424b-0741-4479-a863-9994a092f04a"
/dev/sdb1: LABEL="rosewill-2tb-hd" UUID="a7fa0b5a-6fdc-4459-be54-c5f5b43a4758"
/dev/sdf1: LABEL="blah-2tb-hd" UUID="d83fad9e-9bac-4186-bf13-8eae64266be9"
/dev/sdd1: LABEL="reservoir-3tb-hd" UUID="9c1573d4-398a-4edc-a52f-05076124c3b6"
/dev/sdg1: LABEL="sans-1.5tb-hd" UUID="459ee65f-ec5a-4c0c-80bf-f024a69ee9b7"