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Windows configuration

  • right click Start > Settings > Personalization > turn off widgets and chat

Installed software


  • Forest explained that you MUST use PYTHON 3.8.10 32-bit! ANY OTHER PYTHON IS FUCKED.
  • Postgres 13 (selected 13 based on ENV vars). Install from here, then run the post-install "Stack Builder" helper app to install PostGIS bundle 3.2 (not 3.3, it fails checksum).
StackBUilder 4.2.1 > Spatial Extensions > PostGIS 3.2 bundle (3.3 does not work)

Then change the password:

psql -U postgres postgres
  postgres=# \password

Build a Proxmox Windows 11 VM

It's super easy now that it's been out a while. Proxmox just needs drivers, and Fedora has them.

This video was recent enough to use.

ONE THING: ALWAYS install both the disk and network drivers before installing. In the video, the guy clicks NEXT before doing the nw driver, don't do that!

Notes can also be found here, again a bit old but okay.

Windows 11 ISO

You can get a Windows 11 ISO here.

VirtIO drivers

Requires the latest stable release of Proxmox VirtIO drivers from Red Hat, Proxmox explains them here.

When building the VM, make sure to add the Virtio ISO as a CD so your VM can access them. Then use it during installation to add disk and network drivers at start of installation. Then once the VM is up, use the virtio-win-gt-x64 installer on it to install ALL the drivers.


This is all you need, just copy into a new file and run as admin.

more 1 2 3


I skipped the network driver install before I hit Next to start the install, that was a huge mistake. VM install got borked at network step, had to work hard to even stop the VM (but didn't actually need to). Fixed by following this. Once stuck at network issue, hit Shift-F10 and type OOBE\BYPASSNRO, and the VM will reboot and allow you to skip the network update part of the install. Whoop.