Clone a melange VM

From Bitpost wiki

You can select any VM and clone it in VM.

For simpler VMs:

  • provide a hostname and ID for the new VM during clone, and hit OK
  • wait for proxmox to clone it (how do you monitor this, not sure yet...)
  • start it and open a console
  • the hostname will be old, fix it
sudo hostname mahhost
sudo emacs -nw /etc/hostname
  • get the MAC address
ip a
  • add an entry to dnsmasq and restart the service
đŸŒ” m@bitpost  [~/config/etc/dnsmasq.d] emacs -nw /etc/dnsmasq.d/mdm_lan_dnsmasq.conf 
  • reboot the VM
  • verify IP and ssh
  • migrate ~/config

Config will be pointing to the config of the old box. Wow, for some reason, /etc/fstab is stowed and working. OK!

  • create a new development/config/ubuntu/mahhost as a copy of the cloned one
  • point ~/config to that
  • run

There will be some things to fix, as explained by warnings. For example, removing existing ~/.bashrc symlink so it can be recreated. A bit scary, but go for it it's a fucking clone! MWAHAHAHA!

rm ~/.bashrc
sudo rm /etc/fstab /etc/hostname 
$ m@ig1  [~] sudo mv /etc/systemd/journald.conf ~/backup
$ m@ig1  [~] sudo mv /etc/systemd/networkd.conf ~/backup