Cygwin quickstart

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Cygwin is ESSENTIAL to set up sshd so you can use Windows as a jump box. But it won't ever have i3. So don't spend too much time there!

  • Download and install npm for Windows (seems to integrate)
  • Download cygwin
    • Put the shortcut in the task bar; right-click > properties > advanced > Run as Administrator (so we can run services)
  • Select the following packages:
# added procps-ng for [watch]
openssh stow xorg-server git tig procps-ng bash-completion
  • Let cygwin create an entire new Windoze account:
# from :
RUN AS ADMIN: cygwin prompt
> right click taskbar icon, right-click CygWin64 Terminal, "run as admin"

ssh-host-config -y # this will create a new WINDOWS USER cyg_server

# Start the sshd daemon oh yeah!
cygrunsrv -S sshd

  • Copy this into place:
  • To use pem files or keys, you must strip permissions:
  rclick id.rsa > Properties > Security > Advanced > Disable inheritance > remove everything
  • Then you can scp the rest
scp -i .ssh/2018/id_rsa .ssh/
scp -i .ssh/2018/id_rsa .ssh/
scp -i .ssh/2018/id_rsa .ssh/