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  • There are no tooltips for buttons, you have to look up in the far left corner when hovering over a control to get a description of what it does.
  • Study using this great youtube channel: In The Mix

Recording an analog track

THis is FUCKING HARD and BRITTLE AS FUCK so i'll try to capture it precisely when it works...

  • Select a clean playlist track where you want the audio to go (click the tall green skinny bar rectangle thing).
  • Go to a clean mixing channel, select it.
  • Select the input you want in the Track Inspector (pick a specific FocusRight channel).
  • Press the tiny ARM RECORD button in the bottom of the mixer channel.
  • Press the large RECORD button next to the top PLAY button in the title bar.
  • In the popup, select the record to playlist option (not the Edison one). AS SOON AS YOU HIT THE BUTTON IT WILL START THE METRONOME AND RECORD. HIT STOP to stop that shit.
  • Press Play whe you are ready to record.
  • When you are done recording, press STOP, DISARM the small record button in the mixer track, and disarm the large RECORD button in the titlebar player.

Time-correcting sampled tracks

  • In the channel rack, click the audio file to open the wav editor.
  • Right-click ON THE WAVE, and select "Edit in time warper" (newtime)
    • On the right-click menu, you can also "Edit in pitch editor" (newtone)
  • Flags will be set on audio spikes; set the snap via the MAGNET button, then drag the flags as needed
  • To save the changes, click and hold the "Drag selection" and drag it to the audio clip window with the WAV to overwrite it. You can also use the far right button "Send to playlist" in newtime to add a new track.

Tempo got all fucked up on me tho when I stretched the tempo of the WAV BEFORE using newtone for a second time. Hrmph.


Application-wide setup

  • Main menu > Options > General settings > Undo > (o) alternative undo" (their "normal" is like FUBAR emacs undo/redo)
  • Mixer > click top-left arrow to get menu > View > [x] Track inspector on left side
  • It is saving audio clips here, need to fix this...
C:\Users\m\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Audio\Sliced audio

Starting project setup

  • Select a template, In The Mix has a good one, see here.
  • Save as... and give a name and store your project in a new folder in your projects folder (which is hopefully backed up, raided, shareable, all that goodness).
  • Options > Project info > set the Title Author Weblink Genre
  • Options > Project general settings > Data folder > change from "Auto" to the project folder.