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MicroSD pack1.jpg

  • A 32GB Windows 10 boot - trying to use it to get past Windows 10 v1709 upgrade failure
  • B RetroPi! only works on Pi2 atm, i'm using Jackfruit
  • SAM 64 EVO: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS desktop boot
  • SP 128: seems bad, got this with Rei's gopro, never worked
  • SUNG 64 EVO mbehrnsm-silver VirtualBox vm (55GB! "fast-zip" it to fit, makes it half-size without taking all day)
  • N SanDisk Ultra 32: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server boot
  • M (black) pluM Pi2B kodi image (256MB) + backup (8GB, see 2018)
  • red-on-black 1GB MEMTEST86+ boot
  • blue-on-black 4GB old photos + putty + work backup
  • J failed to format, needs hard format, try rufus

Other places/lost? pi's went to Tom?...

  • some sexy white/blue 128GB hottie, used in my samsung note 8 and galaxy 9+
  • G Lexar blue/white 32GB - GoPro!
  • C Ubuntu 15.10 desktop boot
  • K kodi (openelec) (unlabeled, in bedroom Pi driving Seiki)
  • L Lime Pi (was OS X Lion boot)
  • O carambOla pi3 raspian
  • E Arch Linux live 2016.06.01
  • F Ubuntu 17.04 desktop boot

Flash.png Non-MicroSSD...

  • T tinywave 32GB lots of backups, star wars uncut
  • I Crucial M500 firmware flasher
  • D 2GB msdos found stuff
  • P ABB 125MB empty
  • Q OpenELEC boot 9/2015
  • R 2GB homecoming 2014 playlist
  • S toshiba msdos
  • U 8GB Ubuntu 15.10 Server 64-bit installer
  • X 4GB empty
  • Y 2GB old photos


  • H to Wren, with her photos
  • (returned) mellow mushroom GoT wolf 4GB need to add a 720p disney film!!
  • PNY 16GB from bill, get it back to him!!