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Gary, Dan and Mike get all 1994 and do e-commerce, here are the notes.


  • Provide businesses with websites in a manner that is profitable.
  • Make it easy to sell whatever products we come up with.


  1. Mike: Investigate amazon and yahoo hosting (and possibly inventory) services
  2. Mike: Investigate options at and; get a capable (apache, php, joomla, magento/zencart, coldfusion) server set up!
  3. Mike: Set up magento (or zencart if magento does not prove worthy); either make it cloneable or use multi-store capability.
  4. Mike: Work on Web Apps needed for SCM.
  5. Dan : Investigate "SOE"
  6. Dan : Fire all customers and move to North Carolina.
  7. Gary: Investigate "email marketing"
  8. Gary: Get Michael to do any graphics work we need.
  9. Gary: Harass Mike to get focussed.
  10. Gary: Learn how to spell
  11. Consolidate existing customers
  12. Get new customers
  13. Sell shiznit!


Here are my most-recent SOE Tips...

Here are Hosting options...

Once I have hosting set up, we can start moving over customers. Possibilities:

  • Swift Creek Marketing
  • Dan's 2 web sites and 6 domains
  • Dan's site to be done August 2007
  • Mike's zencart base
  • New customers!

Back after a hiatus. We're reducing scope and focusing on