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Sorry folks, park's closed!  :>

Google has added results previews for everyone! It looks great, you should try it out.
Thanks for all the good times! I'll leave this site here for posterity.  :>

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Google Results Walker in action


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Direct download link (v 1.1.1)
Dev snapshot

Verified 100% clean.


This Firefox addon enables fast navigation of google results, while still retaining the google "feel". Navigate the results using the mousewheel, and mouse over a result to display it in a window to the right. Try it, it's fast and fun!


When you search using google, the results page will be changed as follows.

  • The results on the lefthand side will be placed in a scrollable container. Google results are 48 "small" characters wide. The container will be sized to hold the results exactly as google provides them.
  • A second container is placed in the remaining space on the right. Hover over a result link with the mouse and it will be displayed in the righthand container.

There are several checkboxes in the bar above the results: [ ] Hover [ ] Results [ ] Preview [ ] In popup

  • Turn off Hover to disable hovering. To view a preview, click the "Preview" link at the end of the result block.
  • Turn off results to temporarily hide the results and widen the preview.
  • Turn off Preview to remove the Google Results Walker preview window, and restore the results as they were.
  • Turn on In popup to provide a second popup window for the preview.

Markup buttons will be provided to allow you to "tag" important results with a color, or remove uninteresting results. The markup is temporary - if you refresh the page, you will start with the original unmarked results again.

Use a high resolution (1024x768 or higher) to really get the most out of this addon. If you run at a very high resolution of 1600x1200 or higher, you will most likely be able to see the full result page. Good times!

Addon Compatibility

I've tried this with the following addons, mostly with success. Let me know if there's something specific that doesn't work for you.

  • NoSquint - Improves Firefox's text resizing ("zooming"). Makes a great companion for Google Results Walker. Zooming out on the page is a great way to make the preview fit better. Without this addon, Firefox 3.0.1 forces a text size reset when you load a new preview - EXTREMELY annoying! I may try to get Google Results Walker to prevent this silly resize, but until I do, there's the excellent NoSquint addon. I recommend setting the zoom to 100% after you install, instead of the default 120%.
  • CustomizeGoogle - Be careful, this add-on includes a "stream results" option that pulls down more than the first page of search results. I typically ask google for 100 results, and with this option on, I was pulling down thousands of results at a time. Before long, google was suspecting spyware involvement, and I had to answer some captchas to get to results. Also watch out for "Show favicons for web pages", it can really slow things down. I recommend this add-on with "stream results" and "favicons" turned off.
  • GooglePreview - Seems compatible, even though we're both mucking with the same results. In fact, the two add-ons seem to complement each other pretty well. The preview thumbnail is small and can be out of date, but it gives you a quick visual cue. Then, for the real deal, you can pull up a live preview. Note that unlike GooglePreview, Google Results Walker doesn't know anything about your searches (it doesn't need to). But I wouldn't worry, GooglePreview's privacy policy is reassuring. Recommended.
  • Googlepedia - This addon uses the same right-hand whitespace that Google Results Walker uses. But the latest releases seem to play together well enough. If both Googlepedia and Google Results Walker are enabled, Googlepedia will display over the preview window. If you click Googlepedia's "hide" button, it will get out of the way and you can see the preview. If you turn off the preview, Google Results Walker will get out of the way of Googlepedia. So... it's a little clunky but they seem to play well together.
  • Fasterfox - This add-on includes link prefetching (controversial topic!) that makes for even faster mouseovers (and massive bandwidth usage!). Has this fallen out of favor? If I was connected to the backbone, I'd probably be all about combining this one into the mix. Let me know about your experiences.
  • Surf Canyon - similar goals, seems compatible, needs further testing; let me know your experiences...
  • Better Search - similar goals, seems compatible, needs further testing; let me know your experiences...
  • McAfee Site Advisor - I got a report that there's an issue with Google Results Walker interfering with Site Advisor's green tick mark. Their tick mark uses an absolute position, and interferes with other addons like Surf Canyon as well. I sent McAfee an email but haven't heard back from them yet.
  • The usual popular ones (Adblock Plus, ColorfulTabs, TabMixPlus, Greasemonkey, etc.) seem fine.

Feature Requests

Personally, I need this addon, and I'll be maintaining it into the foreseeable future. But I've decided to try a digital-economy experiment: my development on the addon will be strictly dictated by donations. If you're the first to donate $5 and you want a flashing hot pink border, I'll give it my best shot. Fly me, I'm yours. Updated daily.

Request Donation
Manage preview visibility: make a draggable splitter; provide buttons to zoom in/out results; remove results; etc.
Preload results into hidden iframes? Only attempt this after we solve iframe breakout.
McAfee Site Advisor compatibility (awaiting response from McAfee)
Improve initial size/resize of results container

Click here to join in. There will be a "Request" field
at the end of the process. Tell me your bidding.

Send gripes, hellos, patches, death threats, love letters to:


1.1.1 8/24/2009

  • Testing and debugging of new features; more to come.
Request Donation
start with preview off (popup on, or preview off), then turn on preview, now works
"widen preview" works (but checkbox is inverted)

1.1.0 8/21/2009

  • In early August 2009, Google changed the format of their results, clipping the preview to a smaller column. Options were also made available in a left-hand column. This version works with the new format, and provides a few new features to test.
Request Donation
Fix preview width. Google changed their results format around the beginning of August 2009 to include an "options" column. GRW needs adjusting. Maxime P. emailed feedback, thanks!
Preview window opens in a new scalable window - Why? I and some others use two monitors (or one very large one) and with this option we could place the preview in full size on the second monitor. $10 from Robert Glattau - thanks!
Turn off hover after browser loses focus (inline preview only)
Temporarily hide results to make preview more visible (inline preview only)
Markup hover links

1.0.2 11/25/2008

  • This version attempts to prevent the preview from jumping out of its frame by disabling javascript. This is attempted via the "security=restricted" attribute. I'll be testing this next to see how well it works...
Request Donation
Prevent preview window from taking over entire browser window (may not be permitted by Firefox)

1.0.1 10/02/2008

  • This version includes recent changes (support for international google URL's (eg, and saving of checkbox states as persistent preferences), as well as cleaned-up code for the next public release. UPDATE: it has been approved, so you can get it here or from the official Mozilla addons site.
Request Donation
Googlepedia compatibility (see compatibility notes, above)

0.5.13 09/30/2008

  • Preferences are saved. This version is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but you have to log in to get it from Mozilla.
Request Donation
Allow preferences to be saved $20

0.5.12 09/29/2008

Request Donation
More international google URL support (eg, $10 - fredisland

0.5.11 09/25/2008

  • Removed a stray alert call.

0.5.10 09/25/2008

  • Google's results page changed format today, in the footer. Walker updated to keep in step (sorry, bad pun).

0.5.9 09/24/2008

Request Donation
Allow walking of results for international google URL's (eg Requested by Jackie C - "This is a great extension. Thank you very much."

0.5.8 09/22/2008

  • Includes better removal of google gunk when the preview is on. All gunk is fully restored when the preview is toggled off. :>

0.5.7 09/17/2008

Request Donation
Handle font size change Handled by NoSquint addon, see compatibility notes
Make Preview window resizable Just turn off preview to get it out of the way.
  • Added results markup, allowing results to be marked with a color or entirely removed from the results list (until the next search).
  • Added preview link at end of each result. You can now toggle off hovering and decide when you want a preview.

0.5.6 09/07/2008

Request Donation
If browsing in preview window you can get far away from the original google result. Create a way to open the current preview window in a new tab, window, current tab, etc. Just right-click in frame and use the frame menu.
Toggle on/off addon (big button linked to a preference?)
  • Added preview toggle. The add-on will now get nicely out of your way whenever you like.
  • Hovering is properly disabled when preview is toggled off.

0.5.5 09/05/2008

Request Donation
Toggle on/off mouseover with a big lightswitch $5
  • Updated icon, description.
  • Added subtle highlight to hovered results.
  • Added hover toggle.
  • Added Dan, Gary to contributors.
  • Determined that CustomizeGoogle "stream search results" with 100 results will quickly get you banned by Google! Proceed with caution...

0.5.4 09/02/2008

  • fixed default "no results" page
  • reduced size of javascript

0.5.3 09/01/2008

  • updated to skip table#nav in height calc if it doesn't exist (before it would error out)
  • removed "get lucky" autoload until I can prevent iframe from taking over window

0.5.2 09/01/2008

  • iframe resized on window resize

0.5.1 08/30/2008

  • two-columns, sized correctly on first view (but not on window resize)

0.0.1 2008

  • originally named "google unsucked", not very nice

ancient past 01/14/2004

  • Birth: the original (currently broken) perl webscrape version was called GoogleFramed