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Most of i3 is installed during ubuntu install. Here's the pretty:

  • maim+slop+yaxg for screen captures, use Prtscrn
  • feh for wallpaper, make sure it's in .i3/config startup to set last-known on startup
  • i3-gaps applied on top of i3, use setup_new_ubuntu.sh to build it

layout management

You must use your precise workspace names. Here's how you get them, STANDARDIZE ON THESE:

 m@case:~$ i3-msg -t get_workspaces
 [{"num":-1,"name":" ❶ aim ","visible":true,"focused":true,"rect":{"x":0,"y":24,"width":3840,"height":2136},"output":"HDMI-0","urgent":false},{"num":-1,"name":" ❺ bro ","visible":false,"focused":false,"rect":{"x":0,"y":24,"width":3840,"height":2136},"output":"HDMI-0","urgent":false},{"num":-1,"name":" ❷ aim ","visible":false,"focused":false,"rect":{"x":0,"y":24,"width":3840,"height":2136},"output":"HDMI-0","urgent":false},{"num":-1,"name":" ❹ fix ","visible":false,"focused":false,"rect":{"x":0,"y":24,"width":3840,"height":2136},"output":"HDMI-0","urgent":false},{"num":-1,"name":" ❾ mor ","visible":false,"focused":false,"rect":{"x":0,"y":0,"width":0,"height":0},"output":"HDMI-0","urgent":false}]

Save a workspace layout:

i3-save-tree --workspace " ❶ aim " >~/development/config/common/home/m/.i3/i3_layout_1.json
# Then you must edit it!  Compare it to the checked in version!

Apply a layout:

append_layout ~/development/config/common/home/m/.i3/i3_layout_1.json

I will set up layouts for workspaces 1, 3 and 5.


I did a [resize grow] patch to allow more aggressive growth! It kicks ASS but the i3 gurus won't let me commit unless I get it working well "automatically" which is just a bad fucking idea but they are the bosses.  :-)

In the meantime, here are the development versions:

  • development/i3-gaps-moodboom: the one I build and install to my machines; has a fixed min width of 6% (to keep gnome-terminal from crashing and exiting)
  • development/i3-gaps-moodboom.git: upstream points to my git fork, which will NOT be used as a vector to push to official i3; still, keep it well-synced with official as convenient
  • development/i3-official-moodboom: ANYTHING I commit to it will AUTOMATICALLY FLOW to the pr so be careful!
  • development/i3-official-moodboom.git: upstream points to THE OFFICIAL I3; i have an active pull request as of 2018/04/03 and ANYTHING I commit to it will AUTOMATICALLY FLOW to the pr so be careful!

Use this to install any one of them:

cd development/i3-#anyversion#

Note that setup_linux.sh should (properly) use i3-gaps-moodboom.