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Cyril and I have been banging on Joomla, there are dozens of people hammering on it, on and off, and the tons of modules and components and add-ons are in various states of repair. Here, you can find our notes on setting up the "perfect" Joomla site. Once we get it perfected, we may wrap it all up into a template for future installs, if it ever sits still long enough to stabilize!


Joomla 1.0.11 quietly turned GLOBALS off, which broke tons of stuff. Look here for workarounds and patches: Joomla version 1.0.11 fixes


Here is the current list of recommended components to add to the Joomla base installation:

To compliment this component you will need to give your users some good features, I recommend the following as a must have:

  1. mamboblog - allows each member to have their own blog and allows their blogs to be posted on your main site's blog page /n
  2. Profilegallery - allows each member to have their own photo gallery
  3. recent visitors - provides a list of all the members and non members that have viewed a member's profile
  4. joomlaboard 1.1.2 - provides a forum for the members and the profile tab can list all of the member's posts
  5. random profile - allows the site admin to randomly spotlight member profiles
  6. topprofiles - allows the site to showcase the profiles that have to most hits
  7. connections - ( I don't like the name, but it is really a buddy list for your members
  8. allvideos - play locally-hosted AND youtube-hosted videos
  9. listtab - build multiple columns in profiles

  • recommends ("contact form") has been updated for 1.0.11 after Cyril requested it, whoopi!


Once you have the ultimate site, follow these steps to "clone" it.

Cloning a Joomla site