Linux barebones quickstart

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Install the distro

Set up Ubuntu or Centos or some small embedded whateverism...

Set up IP

DO THIS NOW, NEVER LET A CLONE USE THE SAME IP, you will tear your clothes and spit on the ground! The only time to skip is if you are using DHCP.

# on home lan, dnsmasq doles out the ips based on MAC, make sure you have it configured
# for static IPs on ubuntu work machines: 
  sudo emacs /etc/network/interfaces
# for static IPs on centos work machines: 
  sudo emacs /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ens192 
  service network restart

# example:

# For VMs, change network adapter if needed to match subnet (eg "LabNet8X")
# for virtualbox no changes were needed (as of yet)

Set up DNS

You should probably turn off systemd-resolved.

Set up hostname

Note that this is not needed for a fresh install of ubuntu. But if you've cloned a VM, you'll need to change hostname:

sudo emacs /etc/hostname && sudo hostname newname  # use hostname cmd to set it right away
# NOTE that systemd can also be used: sudo hostnamectl set-hostname newname
# /etc/hosts changes should not be needed, if hostnames are properly configured (dnsmasq DNS -or- work DNS will provide resolution)

Install basic tools

sudo apt install git curl emacs # ubuntu
sudo yum install git curl emacs # centos
git config --global
git config --global "Michael Behrns-Miller [##hostname##]"

Set up scripts

cd && mkdir development && cd development
git clone 
./scripts/ # to continue bootstrapping

That's it, get on with your life.

MIGRATION IN PROGRESS: config distro machine migration

Start to revamp config from [machine]/[distro] to [distro]/[machine] to match scripts. It's not hard even though it's dangerous. You can do each machine separately from others. Get on it!

# DO THIS ALL IN ONE SESSION, do not log out
cd development/config
mkdir -p distro # prolly not needed
git mv machine/distro distro/machine # repeat until it doesn't fail; check each failure to make sure it is a symlink, and simply rm them as you go


moving all this to and mh-setup-linux command...

cd && ln -s development/scripts scripts
mkdir scripts/[distro]/[new machine]
emacs -nw .bashrc 
# export PATH=$HOME/scripts/[distro]/[machine]:$HOME/development/scripts/[distro]/i3:$HOME/development/scripts/[distro]:$PATH

Set up ssh

# openssh-server defaults are ok but see /etc/ssh/sshd_config for details
cd ~/.ssh
scp [another-working-setup]:.ssh/authorized_keys .
scp [another-working-setup]:.ssh/id_rsa_3072_nopswd .
scp [another-working-setup]:.ssh/config .
ln -s id_rsa_3072_nopswd id_rsa
# also add any other private keys and run [chmod 400] on them

Set up config

cd ~/development
git clone 
cd config
mkdir -p [distro] && cd distro
cp -rp [existing machine] [new machine]
# WARNING - EDIT ACTUAL SYSTEM FILES, NOT repo files, as those will get clobbered when you stow
# BACK EVERYTHING UP AS YOU GO until we get really good at this :-)
git add [new machine]
git commit -a -m "new machine" && git push
cd && ln -s /home/m/development/config/  optional:[gig]/  [distro]/[new machine] config