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WARNING: EVERY TIME I HAVE UPGRADED OS X TO A NEW RELEASE, IT HAS TRASHED MY LINUX BOOTABILITY. Don't do it until you have time for a full linux reinstall.

El Capitan

  • download and install via Appstore (had to find the download later in Applications folder)
    • be careful, new OS X versions will wreak havoc on other partitions
  • bump XCode first-thing
    • run it to get it to install additional components
    • reboot


  • install brew
    • had to reinstall and uninstall macports
    • had to disable SIP (system protection) from Mac-R-on-boot safe mode, then: csrutil disable
    • brew update
    • brew install cmake
    • brew tap homebrew/dupes # this fixed missing zlib dependency
    • brew install openssl
    • brew link openssl --force