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Going thru the pain of an OS change, not THAT bad, here are the essentials...

  • Use ~/.profile and /etc/profile instead of .bashrc
  • DAMN the OS X designers, fruity mouse lovers want you to use corners of screen for workspace, window navigation - WAIT, there is a better way. KEYBOARD PLEEEEZ...
    • Fn-LeftCursor = HOME (combine with other keys as usual)
    • Fn-Enter = INSERT (combine with other keys as usual)
    • Alt-` = tab through current app's windows
    • Fn-F10 = tile current app's windows, navigate with arrows
    • Fn-F9 = tile desktop windows, navigate with arrows
    • Ctrl-1/2/3/4 = show desktop n
    • Fn-F8 = tile desktops, navigate with arrows
    • Alt-X = maximize window; Applescript here: ~/Library/Scripts/Click Green Maximize Button of Frontmost Window.scpt
    • Command+Option+Esc to force-quit apps that aren't responding
    • I still MUST find a way to flip thru code files faster!!
    • full CMS cut/copy/paste are NOT supported, use ctrl-x/c/v HATES IT
    • firefox home key can't be customized - use fn-option-leftarrow, rrrr...
    • firefox address bar: command-L seriously peeps??! why is it different?!
  • The following are available from the Apple icon (top left): sleep, restart, shutdown
  • See ~/scripts/readme.txt for scripting details, you can run from terminal, double-click in finder, drop in the dock, nice!

XCode essentials