Off-world Power Generation Lab 2: Laser aiming

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[transmission controller] > [lidar aiming robot]    =====>   [laser power collector] > [receiver controller]
[transmission controller] < [light detector]   <=====   [low-power laser] < [receiver controller]
  • We will be extending the results of Lab 1.
  • We will attempt to use a simple lidar scan to find the target.
  • There must be a handshake between the two components to signal that the aim is correct. NOTES:
    • This handshake will be extended in future labs to provide safe cutoff of the main power beam.
    • We will need to research methods to get as precise aiming as possible across interplanetary distances using stars and math, before we will be able to begin a second more-precise lidar pass. More research will be required, and methodologies may need to change completely.



  • lidar
  • servos, possibly these
  • Raspberry pi 3 (hostname Lime)
  • Arduino Uno or Witty board to toggle power on and off during 24/7/365 full-time cycle





  • study this for an amazing full DIY robotic arm with app, wut...