Off-world Power Generation Lab 3: Propulsive navigation

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This lab is focused on 3d-printing a single component. We want to put a check valve and a release button in series. Gonna require some 3d modelling!


  • Research
  • one-way valve with return flow release toggle
    • i just need a check value in series with a release valve
    • needs to be inflatable via bike pump (initially) or air compressor (once we have many to inflate at once perhaps)
    • needs an easy-to-press release toggle that a weak cheap actuator can press
    • tesla valve? no
    • Ideally, it would have a large chamber - but there is a power vs weight relationship that we need to optimize for our application.
    • At some point, it will become a requirement to know the internal pressure - do we attempt to add a sensor now, or later?
    • See 1:06 of NASA and SpaceX: Journey to the Future for details of Dragon capsule Draco thrusters


  • ✓ 3D printer + filament
  • ✓ Silicone for check valve stopper
  • Initial models (to be merged)
    • check valve
    • pipe with release valve
    • male bike pump coupler
  • 3D modelling tool

Step 1: Get initial models

Check valve

Step 2: Merge models into final design

Use either blender or Fusion 360, probably fusion