Off-world Power Generation Patrons

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Patrons by donation date

  • Each patron contribution buys energy credits of an equivalent value. The credits may or may not ever be available to the patron, depending on both the success of the project and the distribution availability of the power. These credits are not guaranteed as any part of any crowdfunding campaign.
  • The balance will accrue interest from the date of donation at a rate determined by the board. This rate may or may not be made available to the patrons, and may be zero.
  • As energy becomes available to patrons, it will be dispersed to those higher in the list first, until all patron energy credits have been fully consumed.
  • The initial energy dispersal will not be done until there is sufficient supply and demand to warrant it. The power must be available, and deliverable.

Dan Miller - 2019/01/14 20:44 $20.00
Michael Behrns-Miller - 2019/01/16 20:06 $20.00