Portable git

From Bitpost wiki
    download portable git and un7zipped to K:\development\PortableGit-1.7.10-preview20120409
    copied git-bash.bat to k:\g.bat
    set git path, home, username, etc at the top:
        rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
        rem MDM This is a copy of K:\development\PortableGit-1.7.10-preview20120409\git-bash.bat,
        rem with my changes here to get me going...
        rem See http://markashleybell.com/articles/portable-git-windows-setting-home-environment-variable
        set gitdir=k:\development\PortableGit-1.7.10-preview20120409
        set path=%gitdir%\cmd;%path%
        rem MDM same as this but this makes session paths crazy: set HOME=/k/development/PortableGit-1.7.10-preview20120409/home/m
        set HOME=/home/m
        set path=%HOME%/scripts;%path%
        set USERNAME=m
        cd \development\PortableGit-1.7.10-preview20120409\
        rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    update home dir
        make a home\m dir in git install dir
        start bash shell, created .ssh and scp'ed id_rsa from tdm, wow
        also created .profile with ssh startup schtum
    also add this to .profile so git doesn't use the wrong ssh!  wtf
        export GIT_SSH=/bin/ssh.exe 
    now i should be able to clone repos
        mkdir development
        mkdir development/thedigitalage
        cd development/thedigitalage
        git clone git+ssh://m@thedigitalmachine.com/home/m/development/thedigitalage/hangthedj
    set up all repos (see bottom of hcm for details)
    copy /home/m/development/thedigitalage/hangthedj/git_scripts/huc,hcm,cdh,git_* to /home/m/scripts
    To start up:
        (insert USB key)
        Wnd-R, k:\g
        (open fav editor and knock it out)
    To finish up:
        kill the windows ssh-agent.exe process
        "eject" the k: USB drive
        take it out and move along!
    from here on out, just copy the dev dir to another usb key!