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MythTV is the world's greatest media center. The only downside is the difficulty in setting it up, and occasionally updating it. My goal is to make at least the first part dead easy.

How? I have spent time tweaking my gentoo MythTV installation, and I plan to share it, in the form of...

a hard drive image
a full hardware specification

If I can get all the kinks worked out, in theory, it should be two easy steps to get a full-blown working best-in-class PVR solution:

buy the hardware at a great price (just a click on a newegg.com spec list to do it!)
clone the system image onto the hard drive

You can fairly easily roll your own, either using gentoo's guide, or knoppmyth, but in my experience it will be man-days (if you're really good) or man-weeks of work before things are humming along.

I have generalized notes on installation, using the spec box for examples, on the HOWTO pages.