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  • Enable Remote Desktop on the target computer. Search for "Allow remote desktop", it's in the system properties somewhere. Turn off the checkbox for "require network auth" or whatever, so you can use u/p.
  • You may need to initially remote in to the box via Windows, to allow access from the host and to initialize it.
  • Install and use rdesktop; on ubuntu:
sudo apt install rdesktop
  • Run it. -g lets you match the host, easy way to 4k! WARNING: it eats Windows key, you have two options:
    • Ctrl-Alt-Enter should toggle you out of full screen
    • use Power > Disconnect to get out
    • NOTE you MAY be able to hit Win-Enter before it's stolen but not once you're in the session.
rdesktop -g 100% -u admin -p 12345
  • You can actually use AD to authenticate, via kinit. Once you run this, you won't need a password:
   kinit -f #FULL@DOMAIN.NAME#