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Keyboard-driven copy-paste

You can do keyboard-driven copy-paste from terminal buffer using screen!

I'm still perfecting it - PLEASE KEEP GOING!

  • Ctrl-A-esc to get into buffer navigation mode
  • space to mark the start of the copy buffer (non-column)
  • space to mark the end of the copy buffer
  • then you can use Ctrl-A-] to paste - wait, wut? useless... what about X buffer?
    • add this to "your screen .rc file" to send buffer to X clipboard too! See this SO.
bindkey -m ' ' eval 'stuff \040' 'writebuf' 'exec sh -c "/usr/bin/pbcopy < /tmp/screen-exchange"'

Always use screen when ssh'ing

Best to accomplish this with a script. This will also allow us to provide host-specific background graphics and profile colors, sweeeeet!

   mah-haus-provided ssh commands!
       mh bitpost {screenname}
           save term background/profile
           change term background/profile - with host pic in upper right!!
           use this script to ssh bitpost:
                   On my Ubuntu system (10.4) I had to modify the regular expression to account for the date/time info it prints next to each session.
                   if(/^\s*(\d+)\.(\S+)\s+(([^)]*))\s+(([^)‌​]*))/) { ($num, $tag, $status) = ($1, $2, $4); –
                   ssh -t /usr/bin/screen -xRR
                   -t is needed to force terminal creation (even tho sending a command)
                   -R restore existing or create if none
                   # see MY screen settings with at to see what i really want

               better to let screen do the ssh?
                  screen -S 1-9 -p 0 -X screen -t Remote ssh 19

           reset term background/profile

Screen Session

I always use screen session names, and show them if set in PS1 (see .bashrc_ui).

Then using this will create the session if needed or connect if exists. Perfect.

# -R will simply reattach if found, otherwise run as if a new request.
screen -d -R -S #sessionname# #optionalcommand#