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Statement of Purpose

The purpose of The Digital Age project is to make peoples' lives simpler and more enjoyable by simplifying access to quality digital content, anywhere and everywhere.

Several specific requirements arise:

  • handle a broad spectrum of digital content
  • quantify the ratings of digital content to a meaningful level, accounting for different personal taste
  • maintain content in a central collection
  • allow access to content from everywhere via a wide range of clients
  • design optimized clients (based on available bandwidth, ui size, etc.)
  • every client must always provide ability to rate content
  • allow for introduction of new content with the greatest possible signal-to-noise ratio
  • allow for safe removal of poorly-rated content

Competition and alternatives include: grooveshark ubuntu-one amazon google pandora subsonic itunes exaile orb mediamonkey amarok apple turntable spotify

EVERYBODY's doing it, we must be on the right track here. What sets this project apart? This project is for those who want to have complete control. Most of us have been burned by services that disappear or access that is crippled. If you are ready to fight to regain control, and put in the effort to make it happen, this project may be for you.

Reclaim your culture.


Web server Media storage Clients
Share The DJ extension on top of Ampache media server on top of Apache web server on your cloud box Lots of storage in a central location that your cloud box can access Hang The DJ clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android