Ubuntu 22.04 upgrade

From Bitpost wiki

Upgrading gnome can be troublesome shit from command line. Do this:

  • exit i3, boot into Gnome
  • hit Alt, type Software Updater, go through options to upgrade


  • these were replaced (i put old ones in ~/backup/) and need review:

After fixing networkd.conf, you should restart the service, but that isn't enough, you need to disconnect from wired and reconnect to wired before changes are applied.

/etc/i3/config.keycodes has some newer foo that I need to vet against my i3 config. Esp this:

# Start XDG autostart .desktop files using dex. See also
# https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/XDG_Autostart
exec --no-startup-id dex --autostart --environment i3