Automated torrent management in linux

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Downloading content using the bittorrent protocol will never be simple enough. There are just too many steps in the process. But there's no changing it, the world is full of torrents. They've hit critical mass and they're not going away any time soon. So we adapt. Roll up your sleeves!  :>

Here is a torrent management system for linux users that will give you...

  • automatic download of torrent contents for all downloaded .torrent files
  • automatic download of new .torrent files from RSS feeds
  • automatic organization of content once it finishes downloading
  • continuous seeding of contents during this process
  • simple control of seeding of all previously downloaded content

The swiss army knife of tools we'll need:

  • >=v0.8.4 of rtorrent, king of bittorrent clients
  • flexget, king of RSS broadcatchers
  • scripts (some mine, some from others)
  • perl, php, python, bash, yaml, screen, cron

If you're not scared yet, you're ready to go!

  1. Torrent management: Grab RSS feeds
  2. Torrent management: Set up rtorrent
  3. Torrent management: Process finished torrents

When you're done, you'll have this active directory structure:

download/torrents/   actively downloading torrents and files
  finished/          files that have finished downloading
  archived/          actively seeding torrents of archived files
    symlinks/        symlinks to files that have been archived
    offline/         offline torrents - move back to archived to auto-restart

Comments welcome on the blog.