PAX 2007 Events List

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Here, we list EVERYTHING that will be going on! We extract what we think we can do and put it in the PAX 2007 Schedule...


Thursday August 23th

 Buy computers or monitors
 Set up and test systems
 Space Needle for $15 (screw that)
 Science Fiction Museum is a quick monorail ride away
 Watch the Supertrips arrive
4pm Pre-PAX Movie "The Invasion"
9:30pm P.F. Chang's PAX dinner 400 Pine St.]
9:30pm "Nerdcore" show, High Dive, 513 N. 36th (small, will be JAMMED) (3mi from PAX)
10:30pm Freezepop show, chop suey, 1325 e. madison (1.2mi from PAX)
PAX 2007 Parties

Friday August 24th

2pm-3am PAX Show (freeplay, tourneys, panels, concerts)
2pm-7pm PAX Exhibit Hall
4pm-6pm Omegathon Round 1: Jenga*
4pm-8pm Tourney: Super Smash Brothers Melee (GC)
5pm-7pm Tourney: World of Warcraft (BYOC)
7:30pm-1am Tourney: Battlefield 2 (PC)
9pm-12am Tourney: Guitar Hero 2 Teams (360)
PAX 2007 Parties

Saturday, August 25th

10am-3am PAX Show (freeplay, tourneys, panels, concerts)
10am-6pm PAX Exhibit Hall
11am-(an hour before concerts) D&D pickup games at tabletop freeplay area - about 20 pregen'ed "char sheets" to choose from
11am-2:00pm Tourney: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas (360)
11am OrkFest (tabletop megabattle)
12pm-3:30pm Tourney: Counter Strike: Source Preliminaries?
1:30pm-3:30pm Omegathon Round 2: Calling All Cars
3pm-6:00pm Tourney: Guitar Hero 2 Singles (360)
4:30pm-6:30pm Omegathon Round 3: Quake III
4:30pm-7:30pm Tourney: Half Life 2 Deathmatch (PC)
7pm-10pm Tourney: Mario Kart: Double Dash (GC)
8pm-10pm Omegathon Round 4: Karaoke Revolution
8:30pm-1am Tourney: Counter Strike: Source Finals (PC)
PAX 2007 Parties

Sunday, August 26th

10am-7pm PAX Show (freeplay, tourneys, panels, concerts)
10am-6pm PAX Exhibit Hall
11am-2pm Tourney: Gears of War (360)
12pm-5pm Tourney: NEW GAME World in Conflict with $20k in prizes (PC (and BYOC?))
1:30pm-3:30pm Omegathon Round 5: Puzzle Quest
4:30pm-6:30pm Omegathon Round 6: ???
PAX 2007 Parties maybe?