PAX 2007 Schedule

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This is all tentative, subject to the abuses of our whims!

This is pulled from the PAX 2007 Events List, which contains EVERYTHING...


Thursday August 23th

10:38am Mike arrives from Atlanta on Delta flight 1115
11am Get car, get to hotel, set up.  Buy movie tix?  Watch the Supertrips arrive?  Explore Seattle?
4:00pm Pre-PAX Movie "The Invasion", Pacific Place Theatre 11, 600 Pine St. (It has your babe in it, Dan!)
9:30pm P.F. Chang's PAX dinner, 400 Pine St.

Friday August 24th

Saturday, August 25th

Sunday, August 26th

Monday, August 27th

12pm Return car
2:09pm Mike leaves to Atlanta on Delta flight 572