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Raspberry Pi OS

Raspberry Pi OS is a debian distro that now supports my 4k Sony "monitor" out of the box, nice, as well as tooling to get configured fast. I re-installed to carambola in 2022/06. I used a lite release with no desktop.

NOTE for ROS you should install a lite version of Ubuntu instead of Raspberry Pi OS (previously known as Raspian). It is just as easy as other ubuntu installs, and has better support for the libraries needed by ROS.

Built-in installation

  • Use the Imager to grab an image and burn to an SD card
sudo dpkg -i imager_1.7.2_amd64.deb
sudo rpi-imager&
# pick Raspberry Pi OS LITE (32-bit or 64-bit?  I am trying both...)
  • Plug keyboard and HDMI cable into pi
  • Optionally plug in ethernet too, if you want those higher speed transfers
  • Plug in power, boot it up and go through setup wizard: US, username m, etc.
  • Run config to set hostname, and turn on ssh and wifi:
sudo raspi-config
# 1 System Options > S4 Hostname > (eg: carambola)
# 1 System Options > S1 Wireless LAN > Enter 2.4 SSID + pw
# 3 Interface Options > I2 SSH > Enable
# 6 Advanced Options > A1 Expand Filesystem
ip a # capture the MAC address, add a wifi (MAC,hostname,IP) entry to bitpost dnsmasq, optionally add wired too
sudo reboot

You can now ssh from a more comfortable location to set things up.

Setup over ssh

ssh m@carambola
sudo apt install emacs-nox
# fix up .ssh keys
mkdir -p .ssh/2022
cd .ssh
emacs 2022/id_ed25519 # paste
chmod 400 2022/id_ed25519
ln -s 2022/id_ed25519
emacs 2022/id_ed25519.pub # paste
cat 2022/id_ed25519.pub > authorized_keys
sudo emacs /etc/ssh/sshd_config
# set: PasswordAuthentication no
# you may want to run the config tool again and tweak things...?  i didn't bother...
sudo raspi-config

That's basically it.


You now have a barebones Pi to grow into whatever you need. I'm hitting carambola with ROS!