Off-world Power Generation Components

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Each component will have a reference implementation with a black box efficiency and cost rating.

Reference implementations will be subject to constant improvement, with new proposals welcome from any interested party at any time.

  • New proposals must be well-documented and repeatable.
  • Any efficiency improvement of at least 2% with no more than a 10% cost increase will be automatically considered for the new reference standard.
  • Any cost reduction of at least 0.5% with no loss in efficiency will be automatically considered for the new reference standard.
  • Rewards for each newly-accepted reference implementation will be determined by the board.

More details...

Description Requirements Reference implementation Efficiency Cost
Off-world solar collection Lab 1: Free Space 1W Transmission 15.6 W/kg 1.15 $/W
Off-world solar storage
  • Storage capability sufficient for periods where transmission is offline
Lab 1: Free Space 1W Transmission 44 Wh/kg 1.45 $/Wh
Freespace handshake
  • Transmitter/receiver handshake
    • for precision aiming
    • for safety, with instant power laser cutoff when interrupted
    • must ensure that tracking is possible of any objects inside any proposed cone of detection
Lab 2: Laser aiming ms (time to create handshake)

mph (max speed of interfering object)

Freespace transmission
  • Cyber-security best practices
Lab 2: Laser aiming Wh % $/Wh
Earthbound solar collection
  • Sufficient ground area to capture transmitted energy
  • Transmission/receiver handshake
Lab 2: Laser aiming Wh % (efficiency) $/Wh, including land cost
Earthbound distribution
  • Use existing transmission and distribution lines where possible
  • May use cheaper/more accessible access points in areas of higher need
TBD TBD GW / km^2 TBD $/(GW*km^2)
Launch off-world gear TBD - TBD $/kg
Robotic self-assembly of off-world gear
  • Establishment of orbit and assembly of initial gear
  • Orbital delivery and assembly of supplemental gear
TBD - TBD $/kg

To think:

  • control and feedback communication with off-world system
  • boosters on satellite
  • protection from solar flares, meteorites, enemy action
  • Address the concerns and regulations of countries and international law