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Raspberry Pi OS quickstart
Raspberry Pi Ubuntu quickstart
Clone a Pi
The BEST thing to do is to copy the MicroSD from Carambola (marked with a black 'O'):
  • open a terminal so we can watch the MicroSD /dev/sd{#} assignments
sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog
  • take the carambola MicroSD card out of the Pi and put it into an Anker hub (gets less hot than the small MicroSD sleeves - and it WILL get hot!)
  • put another new MicroSD card into another Anker hub
  • open another terminal
dcfldd bs=4M if=/dev/sd{Letter of carambola} of=/dev/sd{Letter of new card}
  • They will get HOT... I don't know how to make sure they don't get TOO hot yet... cross your fingers I guess...
  • Drop the new card into the new Pi, boot
  • set up a new config folder
    • rm ~/config
    • cd development/config
    • cp -rp carambola lime && git add lime
    • cd ~ && ln -s development/config/lime config
  • change /etc/hostname
  • change name of exfat "share" partition
exfatlabel /dev/disk/by-label/carambola_share lime_share
  • edit /etc/fstab to update partition name
  • (optional) change the uuid of partitions as desired (otherwise you may get kernel/userspace warnings about conflicts when mounting more than one card in an ubuntu host) - note that I've never actually done this...
tune2fs /dev/sdaX -U random
  • reboot.. and away we go!
Raspberry Pi Raspbian setup (old)