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A better Trader Are you an emotional trader? Want to turn your trading over to a dead-eyed stone-cold killer robot?
rad-scripts My rad scripts: reusable node functions for rapid app development, continuous integration, and semantic versioning.
Hang The DJ My baby. Been working on this for decades. If you want to make me happy and please your ears at the same time, check it out.
quick-http A skeleton C++ app of most of the patterns and practices to which I have found it is important to return.
libwebsockets Fast websockets via a very difficult nest of C callbacks. Here is my contribution, a fix to handle misbehaving servers that do not properly provide http content-length.
i3 tiling window manager A great tiling window manager. Here is my issue, pull request, and announcement to enable the [resize grow] command to allow a window to absorb the excess size of all of its neighbors.
Terminus Est This sweet scroller game was written by my friend John Carpenter; it works on linux and Windows via SDL. Here are my notes on getting it to compile for linux.
C++ sorted_vector This is a pretty useful extension to the STL std::vector class, adding lean and mean sorting support.
Simple-Web-Server The best C++ https code I could find. I'm contributing to keep its ciphers etc. up-to-date so it can maintain an A on its ssl tests.
Wordpress extensions I wrote a Wordpress Toggle Category widget set extension that I make heavy use of on my tech news blog.
Automated torrent management in linux Bits of glue and string.
Websockets-Tester My node.js websockets client and server tester. It uses the NPM ws module, which is well tested, fast and supported.
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resume Isn't that special...

In Progress

The Digital Age My current baby, burning everything I have to get this one going.
Off-world Power Generation
bitpost My main home on the internet. This is being developed into my go-to single-page-app mashup of project ci status, feeds and bookmarks.
Geothermal Steam

To Do

HighTechSnopes Compiled political horrors that should be curated
Tablet Butler Kickstart this idea (once we make a prototype)
LinkedPhotoImport This was pretty groovy for a while, but is in need of repair atm...
The Philanthropy Engine
The Personal Airship
Regenerative Rocket Landing
GDM eCommerce
Database tools


CXFS When one of my previous employers Utenzi went bankrupt, CXFS, the Linux distributed filesystem we were working on, was open-sourced. A lot of my reusable C++ class library is available, along with the Windows MMC toolsets that I wrote.
Forms for Portals This project is a simple collection of forms to help you quickly access google, dictionary, wikipedia, imdb, maps, yellow pages, etc. from your own web pages.
Richard Dobbs The website for my friend and artist Richard Dobbs. It has some nice javascript effects and showcases a lot of his great art, check it out.
GoogleResultsWalker Firefox addon This Firefox addon used to provide a result page frame next to the results, so you can quickly flip through the results without repetitively browsing forward and back. It no longer works, and google is providing inline results previews now, so it probably won't be updated.
The Boxcar Kid The website for my dad's historic novel, The Boxcar Kid. It includes a blog that he posts to regularly, don't miss it.
Cisco Adaptation Cisco gig adding FEDRAMP security to existing products.
Causam Good old gig
Sixth Column Outage analysis gig.
Metal Metal inventory tracker.
WhereYouAre mobile app and web service
hoochee and moodboom's project page
first-gen HangTheDJ and ShareTheDJ This music player was my flagship side project for years. The design of this original version became outdated as bandwidth improvements put streaming music from a central repository within reach. I started playing with the digital age concept. It's all been updated and the next generation is here.
My TODO My TODO list (done in one awesome page via LAMP).
Putty parameter patch I created this hacky patch for putty so I could get it to punch through a firewall. It's now updated and the patch is no longer needed.
Consert gateway
MythMusic extended
IntenseDebate add-ons
UA retention scraper, NZB search-and-parse