8 bay eSata jbod enclosure.  Next step… load it up!

To get through “libpng12” errors on latest [emerge world] (it apears that libpng14 went stable before its time :0)…

gcc-config -l
gcc-config (pick most recent number)
lafilefixer --justfixit
revdep-rebuild -i (a bunch of times, unemerging old blockers)
emerge --unmerge libpng
emerge libpng
emerge libpng:1.2 (see here for the whole ugly story)
lafilefixer --justfixit

Still working on this… Note that one way to find all the libraries that need libpng12 is…

grep png12 `find /usr/lib64/ -name '*.la'`

… but that’s a LOT OF SHIT. :>

Still going… lots of [emerge -Davu world] and [emerge –skipfirst –resume] attempts… and this to get past lots of kde blockers…

emerge --unmerge kde-base/solidautoeject kde-base/soliduiserver kde-base/kontactinterfaces kde-base/solid-hardware kde-base/akonadi

I have been fighting with MythTV, trying to get it to play my videos for over a month. I have played with my MythTV compilation settings, tried turning off OpenGL, changing the video profile to “Slim”, recompiling my ATI video drivers, and messing with my X configuration. I finally solved it by deleting the installation and reinstalling:

su -
rm /usr/lib64/libmyth*
rm /usr/bin/myth*
(reinstall mythtv)

This messy post brought to you by the iPhone’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking app thank you very much…

Gentoo has been messing with samba packages (again). I guess we are supposed to use just samba now, no more samba-server, samba-client, mount-cifs, blah blah blah. OK, fine. I switched over one machine and everything fell apart. Why? Apparently when you remove mount-cifs (which properly blocks the samba upgrade), YOUR SAMBA USERS GET WIPED OUT. Fun stuff. Best part is, if you browse to your samba shares your machine will totally hang! Seriously! How often do you get to see that in linux? Readd them and you’ll be good to go… hope you don’t have a lot of them!

su -
smbpasswd -a yourusername

I’m starting to see a fork in the road of my life: accept this level of noise (a given in any open source environment) and deal with it (mostly like through use of several machines, one poor bastard that is updated regularly, and others that get updated when things look good); or give up and switch to a different environment (what though? nothing better exists..)…

What a crock of poo.  So you have to mask all this:


Sadly, related bugs and other dev posts often blame users, as if using ati-drivers was some kind of special situation. Gentoo I love you but give your users some love…

And in the “good news” column, the xbmc package is now working on 64-bit AMD! Whee! Yay gentoo!