With very little work I was able to get John’s excellent game to run under linux. He wrote it well using cross-platform libraries (SDL and fmod), so it was only a matter of really minor compatibility tweaks. Check out his Soloforge website for the latest news. Nice job John! Sorry it took me so long to get to this!

I’ve been poking around at the edge of 3D game development for a long time. (continued…)

Hey all, new HTDJ drop, John wanted the arrow keys to adjust the volume, like they used to before I “fixed” everything! It’s on the HTDJ website, as usual. Even more interesting, John’s been making progress on the latest incarnation of his space game, Terminus Est. Check it out!

Spent some time today exploring UnrealEd. It’s an excellent editor for UT2004 mods/maps/models/scripts/etc. that really let’s you jump in and mess around. It’s included as part of the standard UT2004 install – look for UT2004\System\UnrealEd.exe. Couple it with these awesome video tutorials and you’ve got no excuse to start cranking out that great new mod. My goal: set up a friendly game of tag that the girls and I can play.

Corey and I were chatting about his Linux dual-boot troubles, and after we hit a stopping point, he talked me into firing up Wings 3D. Within minutes he was guiding me through some tricky 3D modeling maneuvers over the phone as if he was standing right behind me. That boy is GOOD. Thanks for being persistent about it, Core!

Here’s what we came up with, in about 10 minutes: (continued…)