Once again, it can only be intentional.

The Vista x64 installer allows you to set up your drive partitions, but it will likely just give you fits.

There is already plenty of information out there about the ignorant and uninformative error message that will stop your installation dead:

Windows is unable to find a system volume that meets its criteria for installation.

In my case, it was unfixable with Vista’s installer. To fix the drive so that Vista would install, I installed XP x64 into one partition, did a complete NTFS format of another, then restarted the Vista install (selecting the non-XP partition). The machine was previously a linux machine with an ext3 filesystem, which Vista. Just. Will. Not. Handle. Wake up and play nice, Microsoft.

Vista then proceeded to hang during install. Started it up again, and in the partition manager, it APPEARED that Vista had trashed the drive (it was completely empty and unpartitioned). A reboot proved that my XP install was still OK. Then I attempted the installation from inside XP. And it seems to have worked. I’m glad I don’t work for Micro$soft Tech Support.

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