TDM3 keeps overheating bigtime. root is trashed, full of drive errors. Wow, it’s really trashed, emerge is borked, great. #gentoo-users folks say “grab the binaries you need from here“. sweet! Which ones? Tried gcc, portage, python, automake, autoconf, still no luck. Researched error, found the likely binary, copied from another AMD64 machine. Boom, emerge works. Re-emerging all the binaries I dropped in. Then, emerge world – the more the better. Crunching like mad.

To get a working transcode, I had to unmask it. In addition, I had to unmask imagemagick, as transcode wanted the masked version as a dependency.


# MDM transcode "stable" (1.0.3) is NOT.
# It is also forcing me to bring in imagemagick, MOTHER FRACKER.
# If you frack up my system, you little bitch...

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