I now have a shiny new RoundCube 0.3 install, thanks gentoo! And I bumped up the server with an [emerge -Davu world] as well. A glorious new day. :>

The gory details follow.

I had to do this before roundcube, mediawiki, etc. would emerge. Also emerged a PHP extension used by roundcube…

emerge -av webapp-config
emerge -Davu pecl-fileinfo

Then follow this…

!empty config
!empty logs
!empty /var/www/localhost/cgi-bin
!empty /var/www/localhost/error
!empty /var/www/localhost/icons
--- /var/www/localhost/htdocs/roundcube
* Remove whatever is listed above by hand

Then this (note that step 1 has already been done by portage)…


UPGRADING instructions

First you should remove all subfolders from /program/localization/
because most language codes have changed in 0.2-alpha. This way you
can make sure that no old localization files remain on your disk.

Then follow these instructions if upgrading from a previous version
of RoundCube Webmail.

1. Replace index.php and all files in
   - ./bin/
   - ./SQL/
   - ./program/
   - ./installer/
   - ./skins/default/
   - ./plugins/
2. Run ./bin/update.sh from the commandline OR
   open http://url-to-roundcube/installer/ in a browser. To enable
   the latter one, you have to temporary set 'enable_installer' to true
   in your local config/main.inc.php file.
3. Let the update script/installer check your configuration and
   update your config files as suggested by the updater.
4. If suggested by the update script, run all commands in
   ./SQL/[yourdbtype].update.sql that are superscribed with the
   currently installed version number.
5. Make sure 'enable_installer' is set to false again.
6. Check .htaccess settings (some php settings could become required)

During the web installation, the database connection failed. Turns out that the update SILENTLY TRASHES YOUR CONFIG FILES. I hope you use version control for yours, like I do. I pulled the important bits back in, including the database connection info (via PEAR DSN) and the default host (IMPORTANT STUFF!).

cvs diff config/main.inc.php
cvs diff config/db.inc.php

Also, I tried to add (optional) fileinfo functionality by emerging [pecl-fileinfo] (see above), but the installer says it’s not available – it may take a PHP reinstall (not doing it now).
Reset [enable_installer] to false and kill the installer directory…

mv installer ~/backup/

Finish with this…

 * Unused versions of roundcube detected.
 * To clean, run the following command:
 * emerge -Cav =roundcube-0.2.1

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