• All of a sudden, git requires that [dev-util/subversion] uses [-dso], whatever.
  • desktop: emerge –unmerge dev-python/gnome-python-desktop
  • python dependecies required –newuse:
    New USE are correctly set, but –newuse wasn’t requested, so an installed package with incorrect USE happened to get pulled into the dependency graph. In order to solve this, either specify the –newuse option or explicitly reinstall ‘dev-lang/python:2.5’.
  • mediacenter: “Could not locate requested eblit” [sys-kernel/mips-sources] during revdep cleanup – ignored…
  • desktop: transcode 1.0.3 was stable but sucked, so I unmasked it a couple months ago to get the newest fixes. transcode 1.0.7 stable is out, clean up all the transcode unmasking now (about 10 packages)…

And we’re off and running again with newly-polished boxxen that sparkle like chrome. It’s awesome that at any point in time, you can unmask as needed to get just the fresh raw updates you need, then come back in a couple months and clean up the masking and get a nice clean refresh of the stable tested new releases. Keep on rockin’, gentoo.

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