Here are quick instructions to get this done and start using TagLib in your project to manipulate tag data in your music files. I had to pull this together from about 5 different places…

NOTE: This was moved to the wiki, because persistent articles belong on wikis, not blogs! 🙂

Why is this not documented well? I don’t understand why people spend man-years creating great software and then don’t bother to document it – did I just miss it somewhere? Prolly…


  1. Steve says:

    Thank you! I’d spent hours trying to compile taglib, and was even considering just not using it at all, but then I found your guide, and it worked perfectly. You might want to add a sentence saying to tick ‘add to PATH’ when installing CMake – this is unticked by default.

  2. m says:

    Thanks Steve, great to hear, I added your note!

  3. actondev says:

    first of all thanks for this!

    though, i had some problems.
    so, i edited the .bat file and split it into two files, one for the zlib stuff and another one for the taglib, and noticed that something wrong was going on with the zlib build. the file zlibstatic.lib was created in the zlib folder though this was not copied on the release/x86 which was used for the taglib.

    so i copied it in the release folder and used this for the taglib build.

    but then again i had problems building my qt project,
    tag.lib(id3v2frame.cpp.obj):-1: error: LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _uncompress referenced in function “protected: class TagLib::ByteVector __thiscall TagLib::ID3v2::Frame::fieldData(class TagLib::ByteVector const &)const ” (?fieldData@Frame@ID3v2@TagLib@@IBE?AVByteVector@3@ABV43@@Z)

    and this was solved with : LIBS += “C:/taglib/zlib/Release/x86/zlibstatic.lib”

    but why is this needed? wasn’t the taglib supposed to have static zlib? meaning it kinda has it in it already?? (sorry if i said something that does not make sense, but i’m not familiar with the libraries, linking, cmake etc..)

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