The stupid Windoze gaming sirens had me out of linux for a bit on my desktop. Back with a vengeance, and a huge emerge world. Hours of fun! The nice thing is I’ve gotten into gentoo enough that I no longer feel the need to document every massive emerge. For the most part, just keep using these strategies until it works itself out – while keeping your brain engaged of course:

  • emerge -DavuN @world
  • emerge -DavuN –with-bdeps=y @world
  • emerge -DavuN @world –autounmask-write
  • emerge –resume –skipfirst
  • emerge –unmerge (i unmerge the SHIT out of all conflicting non-world packages! keep it clean! :O)
  • emerge -1v (anything that’s missing!)
  • gcc-config (as early as possible)
  • eselect (boost|java-vm|php|python|etc….)
  • use eix and equery to answer any package questions
  • get the latest gentoo-sources and configure that kernel!
  • don’t forget to emerge nvidia-drivers or any other kernel-specific package
  • google for help – gentoo support information is AMAZING
  • dispatch-config
  • emerge -av –depclean
  • revdep-rebuild
  • lafilefixer –justfixit
  • python-updater
  • perl-cleaner –all
  • targeted rebuild, for those nasty upgrades: revdep-rebuild –library
  • find broken autotools stuff: find /usr/ -name ‘*.la’ -exec grep png14 -c {} +|grep \:1
  • rinse and repeat!

I had a few new wrinkles…

  • considered emerging gnome-base/gnome (new) to get GNOME 3 but it is soft-masked and who knows how much trouble would follow
  • stupid libpng upgrades always cause everyone all kinds of headaches – see this awesome post
    revdep-rebuild --library '/usr/lib64/' -- --keep-going
    emerge -1av --keep-going $(find /usr \( -name "*.la" -o -name "*.pc" -o -name "*-config" -o -name "*.pm" \) -exec grep -H png14 {} \; | cut -d : -f 1 | xargs qfile -CSq | sort | uniq)
  • removed nsplugin USE flag from picasa and acroread since it thought that firefox (not firefox-bin) was a requirement, stooopid things
  • Qt needed a bump, which should happen all at once, which is impossible 🙂
  • of course i had to add a FEW more bells and whistles!
  • emerge -DavuN xfce4-meta xfce4-verve-plugin xfce4-mixer xfce4-taskmanager xfwm4-themes thunar thunar-volman tumbler thunar-archive-plugin google-chrome
  • etc

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