here are all the confusing mostly-incomplete zip file solutions:

  • zlib THE lib; only does ONE file, knows nothing about .zip containers; gz uses zlib, works on ONE file (the tar file, hence .tar.gz)
  • miniz some google code HACKERY that does exactly what i want (.zip handling in one header file) but DOES NOT WORK – erp, yes it does, id10t
  • minizip a zlib-bundled addon package that allows for working with .zip files
  • boost you can bake zlib into boost but again, it knows nothing about .zip files, MOTHER FRACK
  • libzip ANOTHER library, supposedly handles .zip files – REQUIRES ZLIB DOH, might as well use minizip

In the end, miniz made it pretty easy (once I used it correctly). Remember, a .zip file is a container of compressed files, doh.

That was fun! 🙂

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