Node is fun!  Except when it’s not.  It’s pretty easy stuff, but I was burned by a couple things today while debugging.  Take note!

  • You can – and MUST, at times – mess with installed node modules; hack away directly at their source for instantaneous satisfaction!
    • find them here:
      • linux (always easier): ~/.npm
      • Windows: C:\Users\#name#\AppData\Roaming\npm
    • however, watch out that you follow dependencies properly; if a module requires another, it will often keep a copy underneath its folder; there may also be a global copy in the root npm folder
  • debugging is most easily accomplished by the good old-fashioned “jam in print statements” hacker methodology
    • via console.log(“WHAT IS HAPPENING!?);
  • when you grow up and want to get into serious debugging, use linux, and sling your code into the Chrome debugger, via node-inspector

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