From zero to new-domain-with-gmail-backed-email:

  • Register your brilliant name (like mine, at (ok i lied, that sets you back $12/yr). Hey look, is available!
  • Create a new google account for it, something like
  • Domains > Email > Email forwarding > add email alias:
    bossman ->
  • Google account avatar > manage your account > security > Signing into google:
    Turn on 2fa if it is not already on (they will keep shoving this on us, capitulate.)
    App Passwords > app: Mail, device: Custom, name:
    (NOTE I had to futz with form to get name field to show up.)
    Copy the 16-digit code that you get.
  • Gmail settings > accounts > Send mail as: > Add
    The second page of the forms will ask for SMTP server, use, default port, username myshitcutter, paste key from prev step.
  • Validate email as requested.
  • From gmail, you can now send and receive using <>. You can keep going if desired if you want to add one or a bazillion other users at that domain.

Congratulations! Now you’ve guaranteed that the biggest big brother the human race will ever know, outside of the US government, can read your every thought, in realtime. And don’t worry, they’ll pass it all on, proactively, to the government, for free.

UPDATE: do this too:

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