gcc seems to be getting smarter all the time. Sentience soon…?

/home/m/development/thedigitalage/AbetterTrader/server/src/TradingModel.cpp:2095:33: note: suggested alternative: ‘ba_’
ss << "WTF account " << pa_->strDesc_ << " sr " << db_id_ << " gain: " ^~~ ba_

After seeing this little gem on the xunitpatterns site:

(We are running all the tests before every check-in, aren’t we?)

I was glad that I baked my tests into the startup of A better Trader. As I build and run while coding, I’m constantly running my regression tests. Steady on.

Sometimes you just gotta stop and have a bump…

WOW major virtualbox shenanigans
i seem to have broken my good boxes with something from this list:
1) upgraded ubuntu to 18.04
2) kept compton but it is not needed now that we have wayland compositor
3) installed virtualbox* packages to try to fix clock
after I uninstalled virtualbox and compton, ONE of them came back to life (but not the other)
the other is having ssh problems of some kind that cause immediate systemd problems

while investigating, we got LOTS of good progress on setup_linux.sh KEEP GOING


My headaches described below were due to my npm module’s dependency clauses’ versioning stanzas. I had set dependencies to automatically update but clipped them to the current minor version. Eventually they got crusty, and npm actually stopped finding the versions I was demanding in a speedy fashion. Both edges of the upgrade knife can cut you, don’t let dependencies get too old. 🙂 Fuller explanation on SO.

Historical blathering follows… (continued…)