Bash is the worst pile of anti-patterns and hacked up bullshit, but what would you expect from something that’s been our emergency-room band-aid for as long as we’ve been alive? This is just a reminder, for your career’s sake, to NOT make it one of your “specialty languages”. Learn what you have to. And double down on a modern, sane scripting language. I’ve tooled up node to do all things command-line, I recommend you do the same – but even writing little Java or C++ command-line apps is better than letting bash poison your brain! Just say no. And some day, our great-great-grandchildren will have a replacement. No, not another sh variant. A true sane modern programming language. okbyeeee!

Hate of the day: I love how [rm -f ] “fails” (non-zero error code) but [mkdir -p …] “succeeds”, and there is no [mv -f …]. The Unix philosophy: do one thing, and do it well, but always slightly differently than anyone else would have done it. Sure it’s bizarre bazaar chaos, but it’s “beautiful”. Ummmm…. no, fuck you, I don’t want to memorize your chaos.

UPDATE: Dude. In my defense I was in pain and jacked on meds when I wrote this, haha. Step away from the oxy, take less Adderall… calm ye self down. “Whatever Works”.

UPDATE 2: Yeah, the horror is real. Yet another damning example of why, for your career’s sake, you should focus on a real scripting language and not (ba)sh’s arbitrary stupidity.

I love this project introduction because it perfectly describes the essence of agile development without using a single word of marketing horse manure.

No I’ve never been that great at getting along with other (coders). Much faster to just go where I need to go on my own. Fail. Time to stop being an island, there are far too many compelling shoulders to stand on these days. Strategy shift:

  • my Reusable repo will be for helpers and glue, not for major functionality that can be better found (and maintained!) by others
  • Pick and CONFORM to good libraries. Better to mildly fork them than try to maintain everything myself.

Seems pretty obvious in hindsight. Working with the Causam team, and collaborating on Simple-Web-Server, were the catalysts, thanks guys.