I’m writing trading software called A better Trader.  For the web UI, I started using some basic JQuery and JQuery UI, with a mind to kick the tires on Bootstrap.  I dug in and after looking at a  bazillion frameworks and libraries (some fading, some up and coming, NONE really owning it)… K.I.S.S. is ruling the day.  I’m finding myself happy with the following:

  • HTML5 with support for multimedia, flexboxes, dragon droppings, etc.
  • JQuery && (JQuery UI || bootstrap)
  • D3 for all things visual… so good…
  • iframes!  Yep!  API calls typically return SVG-based graphic components in iframes, and API parent pages combine them into application-like views.

On the back end, I’m doing RESTful services with boost ASIO.  It’s a light clean set of tools.  I will probably stand up bootstrap on the front end, and node.js on the back end, for comparison.  We’ll see how it goes.