Qt’s Phonon library has an awesome goal: abstract video and audio services to simplify cross-platform development. It has worked great for me out of the box using Qt 4.7 on linux and Mac OS X. Windows setup took a bit of elbow grease. Here are the cheatnotes to get you through it quickly.

NOTE: The Qt mingw setup worked fine for me when I was setting up my first Windows development environment, do not hesitate to go that route. All you need is the Qt SDK for Windows. Free is good!

But this time around, I opted for using Visual Studio 2010, since I already had it installed and I wanted to compare. I’ve read that there is no support for using the open-source-licensed Qt with Visual Studio, but the official Qt download page for the Visual Studio Add-In clears things up – it says the add-in “can be used for development together with all Qt licenses”. Let’s fire it up and try it out! (continued…)